Hyde and Seek

We had the itch. It starts with a “so, what do you want to do this weekend?”

Game on.

We both whip out our phones and start searching. Distance? 2-3 hours each way tops. Cost? With lunch $100. Activity? Something kid-friendly but not a total snore for us.

This weekend’s winner was The Oriental Museum on the campus of the University of Chicago in Hyde Park.

Despite living in Chicago for a stint, neither of us had ever visited the University of Chicago campus.  Nor had we heard of The Oriental Institute. Big mistake. The campus is idyllic, and the museum an inspiring collection of ancient artifacts.
Kid friendly? Eh. Miette was totally intrigued. But almost five years old is a far cry from two year old boy. I’m not so sure the docents had ever heard anyone belt out a dinosaur roar as enthusiastically as Brahm did when he encountered the Lammasu.

He and I made a bee-line for the exit and ran few laps around the beautiful Rockafeller chapel next door, another stunning example of architecture in the area.


“Where’s the GD T-Rex?”

The Oriental Institute is free. A donation is recommended. It’s the perfect spot for a  first date. Wear those Warby Parkers and go armed with a few amazing facts about the Persian Empire. Then pop over to Plein Air for a nibble and gaze at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House next door. Plan your future honeymoon to Egypt. Consider a return visit for your first or second anniversary.

Then, enlist your in-laws to take your toddler to the Field Museum, where roaring at Sue is completely appropriate.